Crude oil through the system of commercial accounting and quality control of oil enters the raw storage tanks and feed pumps for further processing in the refinery installations. The first stage of the production process is the purification of crude oil from the components that cause corrosion of equipment and reduce the effectiveness of subsequent processes. This operation consists in removing oil from the vast majority of inorganic and organic chlorides and water.


Diesel different brands designed for high-speed diesel and gas turbine engines, and land-based marine engineering.

Furnace (domestic) fuel designed to meet the needs of consumers in fuel for independent boilers that are not so demanding on the quality of fuel, as diesel engines.

  • Light petroleum distillate
  • Stable natural gasoline
  • Furnace and bunker oils
  • Domestic fuel
  • Mazut M100 GOST 10585-75
  • Mazut M100 GOST 10585-99
  • Diesel GOST 305-82
  • Aviation kerosene colonial grade JP54
  • Biodiesel
  • Bitumen

  • Attention!
  • 02.10.2013
  • This is to inform the general public that Mr. Miller Artem is not a commercial director of CJSC "Chernigov refinery," Mr. Medvedev Alexander is currently the Acting Commercial Director - JSC "Chernigov Refinery"

News Updates!

  • 13.09.2013
  • Employees received the governor's award CHNPZ

    Employees of the company JSC "Chernigov refinery" took part in the Governor's reception dedicated to the professional holiday - Day of workers of the oil and gas industry.



  • 14.08.2013
  • The increase in production capacity

    As previously announced, as part of the business plan of JSC "Chernigov Refinery" completed construction of auxiliary facilities, construction of industrial pipelines, installation of manufacturing equipment 3 line companies and launched a pre-commissioning.



  • 03.06.2013
  • Volleyball Tournament for the Cup of the President of HC "SDS"

    The team of JSC "Chernigov NPZ" Extreme Park "Aerodrome Tanay" participated in a volleyball tournament for the Cup of the President of the holding company "SDS", held on October 13-14 at the Sports Complex "Arena."



  • 15.05.2013
  • Joy, whose name - Victory!

    Employees of the company JSC "Chernigov refinery" took part in the grand parade on Victory Day, which was held in Kemerovo.



  • 03. 04. 2013
  • The traditional event "on Saturday for All!"


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